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Continuous Improvement, Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Company

Farol, which is headquartered in Concórdia (SC), was founded in 1998 by a group of businessmen who conceived of a company that specialized in the production of meals and oils of animal origin, based on the processing of byproducts from abattoirs.

At first, the company worked only with the processing of poultry waste products. Nowadays it processes swine, bovine, poultry and also fish waste products. It supplies various domestic and international animal feed industries, with a large variety of meals and oils, and is recognized for the excellent quality standards of its products.

Today, Farol has several industrial units in Brazil. It has the capacity to process more than 40,000 tonnes of raw materials a month and a monthly production capacity of over 12,000 tonnes of meals and oils. It has its own fleet of over 70 trucks for transporting raw materials and finished goods.

At the present time, the company has more than 600 employees. It has a skilled technical area, with specialist engineers and technicians in all sectors, who work in managing the company with the goal of continually improving and thus guaranteeing the quality of the products produced.


To develop commercial partnerships through the production of quality animal feed products, giving fair reward to collaborators and generating profits for the company, whilst always respecting society and the environment.


To be recognized for excellence in promoting the rendering and trading of ingredients for feeding animals.


Excellence, sustainability, reliability, enhancement.


Doing business to high ethical standards, in compliance with the legislation in force is of fundamental importance to Farol. This is why we have formalized our Supplier Code of Conduct which ensures that our suppliers are aligned with our values and commitments, and contributes to the development of long-term quality relationships.

The Employee Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of everything that we must do with regards to our work at Farol. It is aligned with our Vision, our Mission and our Values, and lays down the ethical principles and standards of conduct that guide our operation. The Code of Conduct is a guide that shows us what to do, when and how to act on a daily basis. We are committed to complying with this code in order to guarantee Farol’s integrity, transparency and reliability, thus enhancing the company’s image and reputation.